Last updated on July 5, 2023

About us
All Italian

Who writes all these pages about Italian culture and traditions? We tell you something more about us. We are Italians We are Italians living abroad; we write about our culture while learning foreign languages.

A famous scene from the movie
A famous scene from the movie "We loved each other so much" (C'eravamo tanto amati) by Italian director Ettore Scola

Who are we

🔊 Buongiorno e benvenuti.

We are Italian expats, currently living in the Netherlands.
We went abroad because of our work, and this is where we met. We are professionals in the technology, online media, fashion and cultural sectors.


Ciao, I’m Gianni.
The founder of this website

Hi, my name is Gianni and I come from the Trentino region, in northern Italy. I have a degree in philosophy, and have worked for many years in Milan and Amsterdam in the field of media and culture.

Gianni - the founder of All Italian
Me on Zandvoort beach, North Holland

In 2021 I started sharing some of my interests and passions on All Italian.

Starting with Italian food, a skill I inherited from my mamma. If you follow my tips you will make delicious gelato, pizza like in a pizzeria and pasta like at my home in Italy.
I recently wrote a piece about Italian design, an interest I got from my papà.

👉 At first I wrote only in Dutch; for this reason the site is originally called alle italiaanse, which in Dutch means something along the lines of «all things Italian». Little by little, I am now translating the pages of the site into English.

Sharing nice things from my country gives me great joy and satisfaction as I know that many of you appreciate the content of the website. Moreover, writing in foreign languages is a learning moment for me. A win-win 👌

Some of my friends found the idea interesting and joined in with their expertise, content and ideas. So All Italian is the result of the experience of several people.

Location and contact details

Currently we live and work in the Amsterdam region, in the Netherlands. If you want to get in touch with All Italian you can use the contact page. We are also on Pinterest en Facebook, albeit in Dutch.

Why All Italian

Living abroad we came across many interesting things; social and cultural habits that amazed us.

We are very interested in the culture of the countries where we live, and we do our best to get to know it better. Many of us struggle with an English course, often not even the first.

At the same time, we notice that many people abroad appreciate Italy and its heritage.

We wondered: can we tell the Italian culture while practicing the English language?

This is how All Italian was born. Every week we publish something new, maybe full of typos; but slowly we learn the language. And we communicate aspects of Italian culture that you may not know.

How is All Italian funded?

Writing accurate and detailed blogs is a long work, it requires attention and experience in online technologies. To repay a small portion of this work, the site displays affiliate links in the form of advertising banners. Read our disclaimer for more information.