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Last updated on July 14, 2023

Italian culture, traditions and lifestyle. Made by Italians

Welcome to All Italian.
There are many sites about Italy, often written by foreigners who share their travel experiences. We are Italians and live abroad. While we practice foreign languages, we write original content about our traditions that you can experience in Italy or wherever you like.

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In Italy we say 🔊 buonasera from about 5 pm until late in the evening.


We share our culture to practice foreign languages

On the pages of All Italian we place this message:

We are Italians abroad and we also write this page to practice our English. Our apologies if we sometimes write creatively. 🙂

We are still learning English, but we know Italian very well. That is why we often write out the meaning and pronunciation of the Italian words we come across. This way you always make 🔊 bella figura when you order ice cream in Italian.

Italian customs and heritage

If you search for Italian culture online, the first results you find contain stereotypes of those who know Italy from the outside: la dolce vita, mamma mia, la bella figura, and the mafia of course. We won't talk about all this.

Italian flag

The quality of the food, the passion for taste and the togetherness are universally recognized features of the Italian lifestyle, the result of the climate, the culture and of a great tradition.

And that's what we're going to write about.


The Italian language

🔊 Io parlo Italiano - I speak italian

Italian is a Romance language that comes directly from Latin. It is mainly spoken in Italy, where it is used by about 59 million inhabitants.

We think that speaking a little Italian is a good way to learn about the culture of Italy.

Speaking a little Italian is also useful in the restaurant, to order a cup of coffee or an ice cream.

Italiaanse taal leren

Our friends in the Netherlands are very interested in learning Italian. Italian is considered a harmonious language and is associated with an age-old culture. In addition to being useful when traveling and on vacation.


Italian literature

Italian literary production is limitless: from Latin authors to the present. In the online archives, classic authors such as Dante Alighieri are mixed with modern writers such as Carlo Collodi or Italo Svevo, or contemporary writers such as Umberto Eco.

That's why we've dedicated a section of the site to our favorite Italian books and authors.

  • De acht bergen The Eight Mountains
  • The Sleeping Nymph The Sleeping Nymph
  • I'm Not Scared I'm Not Scared
  • The Solitude of Prime Numbers The Solitude of Prime Numbers
  • My Brilliant Friend My Brilliant Friend
  • The lost daughter The lost daughter

We also share interviews with the writers, to get to know them better and hear their voices. It's also a great way to practice your Italian.

  • Niccolò Ammaniti Niccolò Ammaniti
  • Paolo Cognetti Paolo Cognetti
  • Paolo Giordano Paolo Giordano
  • Ilaria Tuti Ilaria Tuti
  • Sandro Veronesi Sandro Veronesi
  • Elena Ferrante Elena Ferrante

Many Italian writers have become famous after winning the Strega Prize, probably the most famous literary prize.

The tradition of Italian coffee

The coffee trade in Italy started in the sixteenth century. The first coffee shop was opened in 1683, in Piazza San Marco in Venice.

Italian coffee

Since then, coffee has been part of the Italian culture, which imports about 8 million bags a year.

At home, Italians like to make coffee with the Moka Pot.

  • Bialetti moka express Moka Express
  • Bialetti Brikka Brikka
  • Bialetti Venus percolator - blauw Venus
  • Bialetti Induction Induction
  • Alessi Pulcina Pulcina
  • Alessi 9090 Alessi 9090

The coffee most served in Italian bars and restaurants is undoubtedly the Espresso.
Drinking espresso at the bar in the morning doesn't just mean having breakfast: it means conviviality, an excuse to have a chat at the bar.


Making your own ice cream: easy, healthy and delicious

Real flavours, healthy ingredients and a long tradition make Italian ice cream a symbol for fans from all over the world.
A stop at an ice cream parlor is a must when visiting Italy.

Enjoying an ice cream cone while walking through the streets of Venice, Turin or Rome, is a pleasure that helps to discover the beauty of Italy and its flavors.

From the hazelnuts of Turin to the lemon of Sorrento, ice cream represents the typical character of the areas in which it is produced.


Aperitivo, the Italian aperitif: bitter drinks and traditional cocktails

The aperitif in Italy is a ritual deeply rooted in Italian culture. The drinks, flavors and style vary by region: cities like Turin, Florence, Venice, Padua and Milan have a centuries-old tradition of bitter cocktails.

The aperitif, born as an introductory ritual before dinner, has become a social event, sometimes replacing dinner and introducing an evening with friends.

  • Aperol Spritz
    Aperol Spritz, the most famous Italian aperitif

The aperitivo is the Italian way of enjoying life. It is the most spontaneous way to meet friends and make new acquaintances, thanks to a cozy atmosphere..


Italian drinks, liqueurs and digestives

The taste of liqueurs and herbal bitters (amaro) has been part of Italian culture for centuries.

In the Renaissance, the production of liqueurs was a very widespread activity in Italy. The cities of Milan, Venice, Modena and Florence exported large quantities of alcoholic beverages.

In Italian culture, it is customary to end a good dinner with a glass of amaro, which is believed to aid digestion.

Ramazzotti amaro reclame - beautiful life since 1815
Ramazzotti amaro reclame

In Italian restaurants, a shot of liqueur is usually offered along with the bill. It is part of the culture, conviviality and identity of Italy, where each region has its own specialties.


Make Italian pizza at home: the original pizza dough recipe

Pizza is an original dish from Italian cuisine and is appreciated all over the world.

In Italy 56 million pizzas are eaten every week, in the country's 21,000 pizzerias. We tell you how to make pizza at home according to the original pizza recipe from Naples.

Baking pizza in the wood oven

Pizza is linked to the city of Naples, where pizza making is an art form passed down from father to son. As early as 1500, they ate a flat bread called pizza in Naples.

In 2017, UNESCO included "The traditional art of the Neapolitan pizza maker" in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Italian pasta, cooked al dente

There is a millennial bond between Italians and pasta. Dry pasta like spaghetti and penne comes from the south of Italy; fresh pasta such as lasagna, tagliatelle and gnocchi is quintessential northern Italy.

Pasta is made with flour, water, salt and sometimes eggs. It can be long, short, ridged (rigata) or smooth (liscia).

Each Italian region has its own type of pasta and a type of sauce to go with it. Iconic are dishes such as Penne all'Arrabbiata, Spaghetti alla Carbonara or Tagliatelle alla Bolognese.

Bucatini all'Amatriciana
A nice plate of bucatini all'Amatriciana

Pasta is one of the most exported and well-known Italian products in the world, and an important part of Italian culture.


All Italian regions

On All Italian Italian we talk about recipes, culinary products, books and people: all this is inseparable from the places, the Italian regions. Each dish originates from a specific regional context.

Abruzzen Basilicata Calabrië Campanië Emilia-Romagna Friuli Venezia Giulia Latium Ligurië Lombardije De Marken Molise Piëmont Apulië Sardinië Sicilië Toscane Trentino Zuid-Tirol Umbrië Aostadal Veneto Kaart van alle italiaanse regios

As we fill the site with topics and recipes, we tell you insights about the place of origin.


Getting married in Italy: the most beautiful locations for an Italian wedding

Italy offers enchanting landscapes and elegant locations for a dream wedding (🔊 matrimonio da sogno).
The villas and gardens of Tuscany or the great lakes of Northern Italy are chosen to celebrate the wedding by Italians and couples from all over the world.

Trouwen in Toscane

The most beautiful wedding venues in Tuscany are the castles of Florence, Siena, Prato and Pistoia; the hills of Chianti and the Val d'Orcia.

The romantic villages around Lake Garda are a classic choice for an elegant wedding in Italy: Riva del Garda, Sirmione, Lazise and Torri del Benaco.

By the lake as by the sea, in many Italian cities it has been possible to get married on the beach for a few years now.


The Italian flag

The Italian flag, called Tricolore by the Italians, was designed in 1794 thanks to Giovanni Battista De Rolandis and Luigi Zamboni.

The Italian Constitution, written in 1947, says: "The flag of the republic is the Italian tricolor: green, white and red, with vertical bands of equal size",

As you can imagine, the Italian word 🔊 tricolore means "tricolor".

The Frecce Tricolori
The Frecce Tricolori

The Italian flag inspired the Frecce Tricolori: the National Aerobatic Team (PAN is the Italian abbreviation) of the Italian Air Force.

The tricolore also inspired the most famous pizza: the pizza Margherita, dedicated to the Queen of Italy Margherita of Savoy in 1889.


The best movies of Italian cinema

Land of important directors, Italy itself is a natural film set.
In cities with a rich history, in natural landscapes from the Alps to the islands of the Mediterranean, the beauty of the scenery is the ideal setting for all kinds of films.
For this reason, numerous Italian and foreign films are set in Italy.

Italiaanse films jaren 2000
The Italian actress Monica Bellucci in a scene from the film Malena

Cinema is one of the most exported and appreciated Italian products abroad. Italian movies are also the reason why many people are interested in the study of the Italian language and culture.

Every year, several international film festivals take place in Italy. The most famous event is the Venice International Film Festival.


Biscotti: typical Italian cookies

Cookies have written the history of Italian confectionery production.
It was the ancient Romans who invented the bis coctus bread, baked twice, whose Italian name comes for biscuit, biscotto.

The Romans enriched biscuits with honey and dried fruit. The tradition of biscuits was then continued by the abbeys, who created many biscuit recipes that are still present in Italian culture today.

With the economic boom of the 1960s, industrially produced biscuits arrived in Italy and established themselves as the protagonists of breakfast in Italy in the 1970s and 1980s.

Pan di Stelle biscuit
Pan di Stelle, one of the best-selling Italian biscuits in the world

Biscuits are also popular because they are suitable for any time of the day, from breakfast to after dinner.

When we come back from a trip to Italy, we usually take a few packs of cookies with us: our colleagues abroad love them. When we eat biscotti, we feel a bit at home.

About All Italian

Hi! We are Italian expats and have been living abroad for years, currently in the Netherlands. Wherever we go, we carry part of our tradition with us. And we often notice that Italy, its heritage and its lifestyle, are very popular.
Now that we understand a little better the culture of the countries we live in, we want to offer an account with original content about our home country.
We are also writing this blog to practice English, so you will find our writing a little «creative» at times. Grazie mille!