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Welcome to All Italian.
There are many websites about Italy, often written by foreigners who share their travel experiences. We are Italians and live abroad. As we practice our English, we share the recipes that make us feel at home wherever we are.

Feeling at home: our culinary tradition

When they ask us what we miss about Italy, we usually answer with the food and the climate.. We can't do much about the climate; but wherever we are, we can prepare our favorite recipes. And so we feel at home. We share these also on All Italian, just like they make them every day in Italy.

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The ice cream we make at home

One of the most popular topics on our site. With an ice cream maker and simple instructions we make different delicious Italian gelato flavors.

🍨 Our ice cream recipes

The pasta recipes of our tradition, easy and al dente

There is a millennial bond between us Italians and pasta. Each Italian region has its own type of pasta and a type of sauce that goes with it.

🍝 Our pasta recipes


Our tradition, your language: a cultural exchange

Since we started All Italian in 2021, on all pages we state the following:

We are Italians abroad and we also write this page to practice our English. Our apologies if we sometimes write creatively. πŸ™‚

We are still learning English, but we know Italian very well. That is why we often write down the meaning and pronunciation of the Italian words we encounter. So that you can always make πŸ”Š bella figura.

We last updated this page on July 17, 2024.

About All Italian

Hi! We are Italian expats and have been living abroad for years, currently in the Netherlands. Wherever we go, we carry part of our tradition with us. And we often notice that Italy, its heritage and its lifestyle, are very popular.
Now that we understand a little better the culture of the countries we live in, we want to offer an account with original content about our home country.
We are also writing this blog to practice English, so you will find our writing a little Β«creativeΒ» at times. Grazie mille!